Information for stand planners

Information for stand fitters
Please be informed that, starting from this edition, stand fitters will have their own reserved area.
To access this area, you will have to be accredited by your exhibitor; you will then receive the login credentials via this link:
In this area you will have to:
  1. Upload the project for each exhibitor;
  2. Wait for approval;
  3. Upload the documents regarding workplace safety;
  4. Receive the following documents to check they have been filled out properly, since the original forms will have to be submitted to the trade fair offices:
-  Form A: Declaration of conformity with fire prevention standards.
Form B: Declaration of compliance up to standard – electrical system (stamped by the electrician with the compulsory annexes: Certificate of registration with the CCIAA and the project if required by law);
  1. Accredit yourself to access the trade fair centre during set-up and dismantling operations.
In this area, you may request:
  1. Services on behalf of the exhibitor, or on your behalf, e.g. extension of stand set-up times
Below is a list of the deadlines relating to the above-mentioned steps:

-Presentation of the stand project.

- Provision of a list of workers authorised to work at the site, specifying if there are any subcontractors (e.g. Company, Surname, Name);
upload the following documents:
-DUVRI (Document on the assessment of risk from interference), duly compiled and signed also by the Client (Exhibitor);
-Certificate of registration with the CCIAA (Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts);
-Document attesting the fulfilment of social security duties (DURC);
-For the fitting company or self-employed workers: SELF-CERTIFICATION of compliance with technical and professional suitability requirements.
(During set-up operations, keep a copy of all legal documentation available at all times, in particular: DUVRI, POS – Operational Safety Plan, DURC, certificate of registration with the CCIAA, form A and B and related annexes)

NO LATER THAN 09/05/2017 (day before the opening of the trade fair), submit the following forms to the trade fair administration office, in the original copy and duly filled out:
- Form A: Declaration of conformity with fire prevention standards.
- Form B: Declaration of compliance up to standard – electrical system.
Please note that if form B is not submitted duly filled out, it will not be possible for us to supply electricity to the stand.

During set-up and dismantling operations, all those working for exhibitors, suppliers or fitters shall be obliged to show an identification card with their photo, personal details and the name of their employer, and to wear safety footwear. This obligation shall also apply to self-employed workers. If several employers or self-employed workers are present simultaneously, the client who commissioned the work shall be jointly and severally liable for such obligation.
We would like to remind employers that the specific safety obligations also include providing workers with the necessary and suitable personal protective equipment (PPE), to be used by the workers in accordance with the obligations listed in Art. 78 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 and subsequent amendments. Given the mandatory use of all necessary and suitable PPE, please bear in mind that the use of safety footwear is mandatory for all operators working at the Trade Fair Centre, both before and after the event.
Please note that such card will have to be submitted together with the fitters’ pass that you will receive once you have accredited yourself in your reserved area.
For further information, please contact the Cesena Fiera Technical Office