Cesena-Madrid partnership introduced at Macfrut

Rimini – According to an ancient saying, it is better to keep your enemies close, in this case competitors, to avoid taking risks or starting a feud. The strategic agreement between Italy and Spain originates from a similar philosophy: Cesena Fiera and the Feria de Madrid have created Mac Fruit Attraction, the new global brand that brings together the two leading producing and exporting countries in the fruit and vegetable sector, with the aim to develop professional events for the sector in strategic markets. The project was presented during the Macfrut event in Rimini by Renzo Piraccini, President of Cesena Fiera, Raul Calleja, Director of Fruit Attraction, and Kamal Ayoub of Ifp.
The first edition of the Mac Fruit Attraction trade fair will be held in Cairo from 4 to 7 May 2016, as part of Food Africa, following an agreement made with IFP Group, the leading trade fair organiser in the Near East. As a result, its focus will be on both the Middle East and North Africa.
It will be an international trade fair, just like the other two events, aimed at presiding over the regions of North Africa and the Middle East, which are undergoing constant development. The two events in Italy and Spain, instead, will once again be organised autonomously, based on the development strategies of the two trade fair organisers. The organisers of the leading events in the sector, Fruit Attraction in Spain and Macfrut in Italy, have created a new platform to favour the placement and professional and international network of fruit and vegetable producers by providing direct access to new strategic markets. This will allow them to contact local traders and obtain access to the areas of influence. In this way, Mac Fruit Attraction will become a global brand with great international appeal in order to meet the specific needs of each market.
“This agreement has enabled the implementation of the most extensive global network for the internationalisation of the fruit and vegetable sector," says Renzo Piraccini, President of Cesena Fiera. "Macfrut and Fruit Attraction are two platforms operating with a global approach in order to support the fruit and vegetable supply chain. By implementing this new project, Mac Fruit Attraction, which stems from the partnership between the two world leaders in the field of production, packing and packaging technologies, several companies in the sector will be able to enter new emerging markets: for example, areas such as the Persian Gulf, North Africa, South America and Asia."
The director of Fruit Attraction, Raul Calleja, explained that Macfrut is the "best partner we could have. We took several proposals into consideration at international level and we chose the Italian exhibition due to its history and, especially, due to its international re-launch project." He then added: "We are certain that Mac Fruit Attraction will be a huge success."
The presentation was also attended by Kamal Ayoub, director of research and development of IFP Group and organiser of Food Africa, who "highlighted the opportunities for the international fruit and vegetable industry, since Egypt is a country that has a very active and dynamic influence on the production and import-export of fruit and vegetables. Food Africa will open up to fruit and vegetables and fresh food, with the aim to score better results compared to those achieved last year: 8,340 professionals attending and 241 exhibitors from 18 different countries."