The 2016 edition of Macfrut introduced in the Dominican Republic, in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture Angel Estevez

Cesena – A presentation tour of the next edition of Macfrut took place from 7 to 10 March in the key production areas of the Dominican Republic. In fact, this country was the guest of honour of the 2015 edition of the trade fair, represented by just 35 entrepreneurs due to difficulties in obtaining the required visas.
The tour was preceded by a meeting with the major producer organisations in the capital city, Santo Domingo, in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture Angel Estevez, and then reached the main fruit and vegetable production areas of the Dominican Republic, namely, Banj, Montecristi and Mao. These events were attended by a large number of producers and traders in this sector, who confirmed their interest in the trade fair. The programme of the 2016 edition of Macfrut was also well received.
Dominican traders see this trade fair as an opportunity to find new business contacts and to discover new packaging technologies: Italy is a world leader in these sectors and Macfrut is its ideal showcase. Mango and banana producers, in particular, were very keen to find out more, thanks to Macfrut, about low consumption irrigation systems, a new frontier for many geographical areas affected by a decrease in rainfall and water shortage.
Over the last few years, the Dominican Republic has strongly increased its fruit and vegetable production, especially bananas, mangoes, avocados and pineapples, mainly focusing on organic farming. The Macfrut delegation included the President of Cesena Fiera, Renzo Piraccini, and Lina Valeza, a Dominican residing in Cesena acting as a bridge in the economic relations between Italy and this Caribbean island.
"The Dominican entrepreneurs who came to Macfrut last year were highly satisfied,” said the President of Cesena Fiera, Renzo Piraccini. “In fact, they were able to make new contacts and increase their business. With the development of transport, now relying on the use of refrigerated containers instead of large cargo ships, the market is no longer just the prerogative of major multinational corporations but also of medium-sized businesses. In the Dominican Republic there are many medium-sized companies that are in need of an international showcase. And Macfrut is able to fulfil this need better than any other trade fair. This is why the Dominican Republic has shown such great enthusiasm and interest in attending the next edition as well."
In the attached photo: Renzo Piraccini with Minister Estevez at the Cruz de Manzanillo plant
Cesena, 12 March 2016
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