Strategic agreement Macfrut-AOP Piemonte

Cesena – A strategic agreement has been signed between Macfrut, the international fruit and vegetable trade fair, and AOP Piemonte, the consortium that comprises Piedmont’s main producer organisations in the sector, especially of apples and kiwifruits. The goal of the agreement: to promote abroad two excellent fruits produced in Italy, the red apple and the kiwifruit from Piedmont, through the leading supply chain trade fair in the sector.
Specifically, AOP Piemonte "has chosen" the Italian trade fair Macfrut to showcase its activities aimed at developing the apple and kiwifruit supply chain of its member companies. At the same time, AOP Piemonte will become a reference point for Cesena Fiera (the organiser of Macfrut), but will also act as an intermediary with apple and kiwi producers in the supply chains of that area.
The four key points of the agreement. Firstly, the participation of AOP Piemonte in missions in Macfrut's foreign markets in 2018, scheduled in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Secondly, the organisation of events and workshops at Macfrut to promote its supply chain. Also during the trade fair, the participation of companies from Piedmont, which will be involved in bilateral business meetings with foreign traders. Finally, the collaboration in organising supply chain activities for international trade fair events.
Domenico Sacchetto, President of AOP Piemonte says: "It is a very important agreement for our Consortium. We produce the red apple of Cuneo PGI, which is a top quality product with an extremely high potential for growth on the international market. Today, its production exceeds one million quintals per year, but has the potential to grow even further. Our kiwifruit also has a huge potential. For us, it is essential to find a platform that will enable us to promote these products abroad. And this is why we have chosen Macfrut, the main driving force for entering foreign markets, the trade fair that has made internationalisation its most distinctive feature."
“After the agreement with Assosementi, we now have a supply chain agreement with another major association – explains Renzo Piraccini, President of Macfrut – Sector professionals acknowledge Macfrut's role as a source of innovation and internationalisation of the fruit and vegetable industry. We hope that other associations and consortiums will join us on this path”.
The parties of the agreement.
Macfrut, organised by Cesena Fiera, is the international fruit and vegetable trade fair dedicated to the entire fruit and vegetable industry. Now in its 34th edition, it will be held in Rimini from 10 to 12 May 2017.
The Consorzio Mela Rossa Cuneo IGP has about 200 members in the foothill areas of Piedmont, spread over 41 municipalities in the province of Cuneo and 11 in the province of Turin. The Consortium was established in 2013 after the red apple of Cuneo, one of Italy's finest fruits, received the PGI certification.
Cesena, 3 April 2017
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