The international promotion of Macfrut continues: Africa (Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda) and the UAE

Cesena – “Our future is linked to Africa. The sooner we understand it, the better.” This was the headline of an article published a few days ago by Beppe Severgnini, editor of the weekly magazine “7”. The fact that Africa has long been Macfrut’s focus is also confirmed by the participation of numerous African states in the fruit and vegetable trade fair, but also by Mac Fruit Attraction Mena, which takes place in Egypt, a crucial hub for the apple market. New stages have now been added to this promotional tour: missions in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda. And, in January, it will be the turn of Zambia. Not to mention the states of the Persian Gulf, which are one of the strategic areas for the fruit and vegetable market, with a dedicated mission in the United Arab Emirates scheduled in the next few days.
The international promotion of Macfrut in Africa by Renzo Piraccini, President of Cesena Fiera, along with Enrico Turoni, President of Consorzio Cermac, will start in Tanzania. More precisely in Dar es Salaam, a city located on the coast of this large African state. The fruit and vegetable trade fair will be presented to major industry associations and businesses, with tours of local companies that produce mangoes, bananas and horticultural products in greenhouses and open fields.
The second stage will take place in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia. Once again, Macfrut will be introduced to local companies in the industry, followed by institutional meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Industry. Several tours have been planned in this area to visit companies that produce strawberries, table grapes and horticultural products.
The last presentation will take place in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. On this occasion, meetings with tropical fruit and vegetable producers are scheduled.
Uganda and Ethiopia had participated in the last edition of Macfrut with successful results, which is also the reason why these countries have confirmed their participation in the 2018 edition.
Another reason of interest for these countries is the Tropical Fruit Congress, an international event dedicated to mangoes and avocados, which will be held as part of Macfrut 2018. In fact, these crops are now grown in large quantities throughout East Africa.
“The African continent, with a population of 1 billion 200 million people, set to double by 2050 – as Renzo Piraccini explains – offers countless opportunities for this industry and in particular for the Italian fruit and vegetable sector. Not only in the field of technology and seeds but also for the sale of Italian produce, sought after by a growing upper-middle-class especially in large urban areas.”
Macfrut’s international tour will then continue in the United Arab Emirates, with Luigi Bianchi and Valentina Piraccini taking part in the Wop Dubai expo. The Persian Gulf States consume a huge amount of fruit and vegetables, largely imported given the rather unfavourable environmental conditions. This mission will further promote Macfrut in this area, although its recent editions were indeed attended by many large-scale retail trade buyers from the Persian Gulf States.
Cesena, 30 November 2017
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