Biosolution International Event

Biosolution International Event

In order to meet consumer demands, fruit and vegetable production will have to increasing rely on natural plant protection, plant nutrition and biostimulation products, i.e. Biosolutions.

At Macfrut 2022, Biosolutions companies will present key innovations to sector professionals. Macfrut, in fact, since 2019 hosts the Biosolution International Event, a specific focus on one of the most promising sectors for sustainable, high-performance production.
The event is divided into:
  • an international exhibition area reserved to companies that deal with Biosolutions;
  • conferences and events on the sector;
  • Biosolutions Innovation Award, an award for the most innovative products;
Companies producing technical equipments, as long as they are exhibitors and sponsors of the event, have the opportunity to participate in the Technical Tables, meetings aimed at generating positive relationships between supply chains and industry.

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