Macfrut 2016 almost sold out

Fruit and vegetable consumption on the rise: +3% in the first quarter of 2016

Macfrut 2016: almost all spaces sold out
Fruit&Veg Fantasy Show: a new way of showcasing the sector together with 8 major brands
Rimini – The fruit and vegetable sector started the first quarter of 2016 successfully: +3% of consumption. And, above all, the growth trend continues, as we already saw last year when it ended the year 2015 with +3% (+3.7% for fruit and +2.2% for vegetables).
In short, after two complicated years (2013-2014), the first months of 2016 also indicate an encouraging boost for growth. A new course? Only in the next few months will we be able to confirm or deny this, but certainly the tendency to replace meat and dairy products with fruit and vegetables seems to have become popular, as confirmed by the steady increase in the number of vegetarians and vegans.
Going back to fruit and vegetables, the figures indicate +3% of volumes purchased in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the same period last year, which, in numbers, amounts to 1.95 million tonnes (approx. 60,000 tonnes more compared to the last few years). This was revealed by the Macfrut Consumers’ Trend, the special observatory set up a year ago by the fruit and vegetable trade fair in cooperation with the CSO, which focuses on innovative trends in the sector.
In particular, if we analyse the first quarter of 2016, this growth is mostly influenced by fruit with +4.7% and well over one million tonnes. Vegetables, instead, contribute far less to this growth, yet still positively, with +1.4% and almost 900,000 tonnes.
All together, almost all fruit species influence volume growth in the industry. The Macfrut Comsumers’ Trend takes into consideration five emblematic cases in this time frame. Specifically, oranges, which from January to March recorded the highest volumes purchased by Italian families with a +2% increase (approx. 253,000 tonnes). These are followed by apples with 251,000 tonnes and +4.4% compared to 2015. Clementines also performed well, with +11.4%, which, more in general, contribute to raising the trend of citrus fruits. In addition, pears, with +9.8%, give a substantial boost to the industry, growing from 89,000 to 98,000 tonnes. Kiwifruits go back to registering a positive figure (+1%), following a slightly unstable period. The latter were affected by a significantly lower price decrease compared to the other species listed so far, with a -0.6% decrease from 1.68 to 1.67€/kg. Pears also recorded a decrease of 1 eurocent/kg (-0.8%), whereas apples have gone from 1.25 to 1.23€/kg (-1.6%). Such price reductions affect citrus fruits more decisively: oranges with -2.4% and clementines with -2.3%.
In the vegetable sector, the situation is generally positive, with the only exception of fennel. If, instead, we analyse other situations of vegetables relevant for the period analysed, we will find potatoes with +2.2% with 177,000 tonnes (+6.6% compared to the average price), but the best performances are those of tomatoes with +6.1% and onions with +8%: tomatoes recorded -1.3% compared to the average purchase price, whereas onions recorded an encouraging -0.2%. Outside this scale are radicchio varieties, which, at the beginning of the year, recorded +16% compared to the first quarter of 2015.
Fruit&Veg Fantasy show: a new way of showcasing the fruit and vegetable sector
Macfrut is not only a trade fair event but also a project aimed at re-launching consumption for the fruit and vegetable supply chain. One of its goals is to promote a healthy lifestyle by eating fruit and vegetables. This is why the Fruit&Veg Fantasy Show was created, an innovative format, now in its second year, hosted at Rimini Wellness, a preview of what the 33rd edition of Macfrut (14-16 September) will have to offer.
The players involved are eight major Italian fruit and vegetable brands, as well as a European project, offering innovative wellness recipes: Dole, Dimmidisi, Marlene, Ortoromi Insalat'Arte, Solarelli, Valfrutta, Jingold and Fruit24.
Recipes are prepared live by blogger Bettina in Cucina, who, in a simple and practical way, explains the specific features of the products, as well as food combinations and cooking methods.
It is an excellent way of promoting the consumption of top-quality fruit and vegetables to an audience of young fitness enthusiasts seeking a balanced diet and info on the nutraceutical properties of such products.
Those who will not attend the trade fair will be able to view the live streaming on the Macfrut Facebook page (Macfrut 2016). For the occasion, we have also launched a special Photo Contest dedicated to those who love fruit and vegetables with the related hashtag #macfrutlovers. Visitors attending the Fantasy Show will be able to vote the wellness recipes and take part in the live photo contest.
Macfrut 2016 almost sold out
As of today, three and a half months before the trade fair, 90% of the spaces available have been sold. The event dedicated to the fruit and vegetable sector, organised by Cesena Fiera, will be hosted in 7 pavilions (one more than in 2015) on a total area of over 40,000 square metres (33,000 in 2015).
Rimini, 3 June 2016
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