Renzo Piraccini: “Invest in Macfrut is a great opportunity for stakeholders”

Renzo Piraccini: “Invest in Macfrut and in developing the fruit and vegetable supply chain”

Renzo Piraccini: “Invest in Macfrut and in developing the fruit and vegetable supply chain”
Cesena – A great opportunity for stakeholders in the fruit and vegetable supply chain and in the territory: to invest in Cesena Fiera and in Macfrut's opportunities for development. This was the announcement made by Renzo Piraccini, President of Cesena Fiera, as part of the press conference held at Rimini Wellness, during which the current situation of Macfrut 2016 was illustrated.
"This is a major opportunity for the entire fruit and vegetable sector, which is given the chance to grow together with Cesena Fiera," Piraccini told the journalists. "There is an increasing awareness among businesses in the sector that Macfrut is not only a trade fair event but also a means of support for the Italian fruit and vegetable supply chain in order to favour innovation and internationalisation. This is proved by the exponential growth of the fruit and vegetable trade fair over the last two years and by the recent success of Mac Fruit Attraction in Cairo. In this context, we are now ready to face a new challenge: to make the assets of Cesena Fiera accessible to stakeholders in the sector, both locally and nationally. The recent opening in this direction of the Mayor of Cesena, Paolo Lucchi, must be immediately seized by the professionals active in this leading sector of our economy. Over the next few weeks, I will contact all the major players in the industry to understand if they are interested in this kind of proposal. The final decision will then be made by the Municipality of Cesena. But I am confident, since we are meeting all the goals that the Municipal Council gave us back in 2014, showing that Macfrut's enhancement in external districts and the growth of Cesena Fiera's local trade fair activities can both coexist and be complementary to each other while generating resources."
Cesena, 3 June 2016
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