Macfrut committee for the first time at Rimini Fiera

Macfrut relaunches itself with 5 new projects

Macfrut Relaunches Itself with 5 New Projects
Over 40 businesses throughout Italy have joined the Macfrut Committee for the first time at Rimini Fiera
Rimini – The "first time" of Macfrut in Rimini is already a success. More than 40 businesses from all over Italy have joined the Macfrut Committee, in the six halls of Rimini Fiera, a visit that has paid off with five new initiatives during this event: a Fellini-themed evening; the organisation of the professional tours; the Macfrut innovation award; Macfrut Dop; and the presence of Wellness at the trade fair. This visit was also an opportunity for participants to experience first-hand the facility of Rimini Fiera – it was the first time for most companies attending - the most beautiful and modern Italian trade fair centre, which is well suited to host top-level international events.
“It was definitely a very successful day in terms of tangible proposals and discussions,” explains the President of Cesena Fiera, Renzo Piraccini. "These five new initiatives enrich Macfrut 2015, which is already full of new features, both with regard to its programme and participation."
Specifically, the most impressive initiative will be held on Wednesday 23 September with a Fellini-themed evening dedicated to international guests, hosted at the Grand Hotel in Rimini. "The charm of Fellini and of La Dolce Vita is extremely well-known worldwide," continues Piraccini, "and we want to make it our best asset for the hundreds of international buyers that will attend the event, with an exclusive evening dedicated to Italian excellence."
Speaking of excellence, the three-day event scheduled in Rimini (23-25 September 2015) will give special room to PDO and PGI fruit and vegetable products, accompanied by a Show cooking area featuring leading cuisine brands. Furthermore, another area will be dedicated to the “Macfrut innovation award”, especially for the innovations of the supply chain showcased at the trade fair.
In collaboration with the Crpv (Centro Ricerche produzioni vegetali – Crop Production Research Centre), the Professional tours in the fruit and vegetable supply chain in the Romagna region have been organised. The underlying theme of these visits will consist of two topics: innovative companies and sustainability. In detail, a series of visits to agricultural companies featuring innovative cherry and apricot plants will be scheduled, as well as visits to the fruit and vegetable markets of Rimini and Cesena, and to modern distribution stores and processing plants.
Last but not least, the preview of Macfrut at Rimini Wellness (28-31 May). "It will not be a merely representative presence but rather rich in contents: the aim is to promote fruit and vegetable consumption for a healthy lifestyle," concludes the President of Cesena Fiera.
Rimini, 16 April 2015
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