Macfrut in Prague with 40 operators

About 40 Operators at the Road Show in Prague

Macfrut 3.2

About 40 Operators at the Road Show in Prague
Piraccini: “5 events in Eastern Europe with over 400 companies”

Prague – The fifth Road Show of Macfrut 2015, held in Prague in collaboration with UniCredit, was a huge success. The presentation was attended by 10 Italian companies in the industry and more than 40 local companies, including the Czech Fruit Grower’s Association.
This mission was also an opportunity to organise a visit to the wholesale fruit and vegetable market, tours in production areas, and meetings with the large-scale retail sector.

“A total of about 50 companies from across Italy took part in the five road shows in Eastern Europe organised with UniCredit (Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic), who got together with more than 400 foreign operators," says Renzo Piraccini, President of Cesena Fiera. "These events are the starting point of more extensive and detailed business meetings to be held during the three-day Macfrut event. The internationalisation process will continue also in the Maghreb countries and in South America."

Praga, 29 April 2015
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